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Independent, supportive and always ready to mobilize in defence of women's rights: these are the journalists who make up Giulia, the national network of united, free and independent women journalists. The association, founded five years ago, represents and brings together heterogeneous realities – including those of the transient, freelance and unemployed – with the goal of fighting the gagging of journalists and the censorship of information. It consists of journalists who aim to represent themselves and their condition through a first-person narrative.
Women and Information: two struggles as part of the great battle for the protection of the Constitution and its principles. Emancipation starts here, between promoting ourselves and making demands. Giulia agitates through awareness campaigns across the board to raise an agenda that, today, much of society refuses to legitimize. And women professionals stand out among the categories of under-represented people. Because, as stated in the founding manifesto of the association – still as pertinent today – "discrimination against women in employment, and their marginalization in public life, are obstructions that should be removed: a huge waste of intelligence which weakens the country and pushes it into decline."
Against all odds, Giulia has become a place where experiences and ideas are freely exchanged and "hopes to bring about a change in the life of the newsroom, which is full of women journalists but is still dominated by male logic and interests. And 'where women's points of view are adequately expressed, through the journalists and their perceptions." At stake are the principles of equitable representation "that must be inscribed into contracts, into work and into welfare priorities" so that "women are recognized for what they fully deserve: dignity, rights, labour, and equality in salaries and careers.”


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