‘Europe, we don’t hold our breath for you anymore’

by Nurcan Baysal As the Turkish military bombarded parts of its own cities in the mainly Kurdish southeast of the country in January 2016, I was moderating a panel in a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels. After welcoming the audience that included parliamentarians, I called Mehmet Tunç, who [...]

“Peace” forbidden!

by Nurcan Baysal Last night I received a call from a friend of mine who was a representative in the Turkish parliament for many years and a popular politician. She asked me what she would need in case of detention. Last week I was detained because of my Tweets against [...]

The price of saying “no” to war in Turkey

by Nurcan Baysal It was just after midnight. I was watching TV as my sons played nearby. My younger son was playing with Lego as my older son played on his phone. My husband and another friend were also with us. A normal Sunday night. All of a sudden, I [...]

The project of the Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists

Analysing the role of information produced by women in creating public opinion; reflecting on the difficulties of finding space in the newsroom; denouncing stereotypes and discrimination; bringing to light news neglected by the general media; recognizing and valuing skills.The first Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists is opening a new avenue [...]

Giulia journalists. United, free, autonomous

Independent, supportive and always ready to mobilize in defence of women's rights: these are the journalists who make up Giulia, the national network of united, free and independent women journalists. The association, founded five years ago, represents and brings together heterogeneous realities – including those of the transient, freelance [...]



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