Giulia journalists. United, free, autonomous

Independent, supportive and always ready to mobilize in defence of women's rights: these are the journalists who make up Giulia, the national network of united, free and independent women journalists. The association, founded five years ago, represents and brings together heterogeneous realities – including those of the transient, freelance [...]

Omar Hashi Hassan has been acquitted. So who assassinated Ilaria Alpi?

The names of the instigators and perpetrators of the murder of Ilaria Alpi and Milan Hrovatin are still unknown, nearly 23 years after their deaths.   The scapegoat for the crime, who has served 16 years in prison, Hashi Omar Hassan has always proclaimed his innocence.   Thus, at [...]

Turkey: The noose tightens on information

Fear is growing for journalist Ceyda Karan, after the arrest on 31 October of the director, Murat Sabuncu, and 12 other colleagues at the progressive secular newspaper "Cumhuriyet" ("Republic").   Karan is expected in Italy at the Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists on November 23-24, but the flurry of [...]


Analysing the role of information produced by women in creating public opinion; reflecting on the difficulties of finding space in the newsroom; denouncing stereotypes and discrimination; bringing to light news neglected by the general media; recognizing and valuing skills.The first Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists is opening a new avenue [...]

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