Linda Dorigo


linda_dorigo_profiloLinda was born in Italy in 1983. She pursued journalistic studies receiving a BA degree in Communication Science. She focused on Middle East region since 2009 combining social and anthropological reporting with the slow-photojournalism approach. Her researches focus on faith, religions, minorities and land, understood as birthplace of roots belonging.

From 2011 to 2014 Linda lived in Beirut, developing the project “Rifugio” about Christian communities in the Middle East. As a photojournalist she has contributed to international publications like Le Monde, L’Espresso, Die Zeit, Marie Claire and a number of other European and Middle Eastern newspapers and magazines. She is a member of ODG Italian journalist association.

Linda is currently working on a long term project about Great Kurdistan and Kurdish identity.



May 2nd 2016 – May 2017, “Nostalghia”, The Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family in Jerusalem

March 15th – April 21th 2017, collective exhibition “Abitare il presente”, Consiglio regionale del FVG, Trieste, Italy

October 7th 2016 – January 16th 2017, “On the Front Line. Women Photojournalists in War Zones”, Palazzo Madama, Turin, Italy (ph. M. Gea; G. Perottino)

May 25th – June 1st 2016 “Nostalghia”, Palazzo delle Opere Sociali, Vicenza, Italy (ph. M. Cocco)

January 9th – March 6th 2016, “Nostalghia”, Villa Manin di Passariano (UD), Italy

March 24th – April 12th 2015, “Nostalghia”, Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste, Italy (ph. G. Koren)

October 26th – December 1st 2013, collective exhibition “Confronti”, Villa Manin di Passariano (UD), Italy

March 30th – April 21th 2012, collective exhibition “Time for rebels”, Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy