The Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists is held around the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (November 25th) every year.

Since its first edition in 2016 it has been held in Puglia, which represents a borderland, a crossroads of cultures and peoples, an ideal bridge over the Mediterranean and a real place for the days of the Forum, which attract independent journalists and reporters, but also experts , activists, scientists and university researchers working on human rights and gender studies. They all meet in order to tell and witness their stories, from the varied shores of the Euro-Mediterranean countries.

The Forum was born from an idea of investigative journalist Marilù Mastrogiovanni and is organized by Giulia Giornaliste and IdeaDinamica, with the aim of "creating bridges, breaking down walls, promoting a reflection on the journalism of investigative journalists, as a garrison of Democracy, therefore of Peace ”.

After more than 20 years from the world women's conference in Beijing - which produced the most progressive declaration in the world on women's rights shared by 189 countries - the Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists offers an in-depth analysis of the current women's condition.

It will provide an analysis built through the different experiences of the participating women, many of which coming from "difficult" places and societies, especially for the female gender.

The purpose of the event is certainly to monitor the gender human right gap, but also to respond to the practical need to identify possible actions to stimulate the advancement of the rights themselves in European, Middle Eastern, North African and Balkan countries. Like the meshes of a large network lowered between the shores of the Mediterranean (and beyond) with stories, reports, surveys, experiences directly proposed by the protagonists of the underway change.

The construction of a dialogue that puts investigative journalists at the centre, together with activists and experts, women who are the "guardians" of human rights (human rights defenders), of Democracy, of Peace through their profession.

All of this is made possible thanks to the involvement and support of some of the most important international organizations and women's associations, which have showed their interest since the very first edition of the forum.

The Forum aims to:

1. Enhance the work of journalists, as "envoys for peace", as a "defenders of democracy" and "human rights defenders"

2. Give space and visibility to the investigative work carried out by women, by amplifying their voice

3. Strengthen the bond between investigative journalists and their public, by re-launching the contents of which they are bearers

4. Build a positive image of journalists and their investigative work in defence of citizens' rights and facts, by countering fake news

5. Help to combat hate speech, sexism and gender stereotypes, through professional training for both journalists and students

6. Disclose practices for the correct use of language – either written, spoken or video - to be free of sexisms and stereotypes

7. Produce digital media for the dissemination of the testimonials by journalists

8. Encourage networking between investigative journalists and experts / civil society activists as well as gender studies scholars

10. Amplify the resonance of the work carried out by journalists - the problems investigated - 365 days a year

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These are the next events:

  • November 21, 2019 in Taranto
  • November 22 & 23, in Bari
  • November 23 (afternoon) in Brindisi
Forum Mediterranean Women Journalist: FMWJ 2020